Had an awesome night seeing Of Mice & Men with em!


# most underrated line in Catching Fire

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I’d like to think that Spider-man gives people hope.

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Upcoming movies of 2014 (part I)

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1) Spider-Man by Alex Ross

2) Green Goblin by Marko Djurdjevic

3) Batman by Francesco Mattina

4) Joker by Lee Bermejo

5) Charles Xavier by John Cassaday

6) Magneto by Paolo Rivera

7) Wolverine by Mike Mitchell on Tumblr

8) Sabretooth by Mark Texeira

9) Thor by Simone Bianchi

10) Loki by Gabriele Dell’Otto

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Pin-up Spider-Man
Created by José Quintero 


Pin-up Spider-Man

Created by José Quintero 

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I laughed, I cried…I had a heart attack. The movie had on me a worst effect than the comic book… 

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